How to fix cracked rubber boots? Tips you should know

Rubber boots are necessary items for everyone, especially manual workers such as farmers, construction workers, gardeners, etc. If they are only cracked a little bit, we can fix them easily instead of throwing them away. 

Today Workwear Magazine will show you some ways to repair the cracked rubber boots, as well as how to care for your boots to lengthen their lifespan. Besides, there are some interesting and useful tips to recycle your old rubber boots. 

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Top 3 Reasons BindBuddy is a Must-Have Travel Accessory

Everyone’s been there. You’re in an airport with your carry-on backpack on your back, your coat over one arm, your phone in one hand, your ticket and passport in the other, and you’re ordering coffee to go. When your coffee arrives, you’re suddenly scrambling. Where do you put everything? You don’t want your coffee to spill on your phone or important documents, and you don’t want to wear your coat because it’s bulky and the airport is warm.

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The Different Types of Sewing Machines

A sewing machine is a great investment for anyone who is even remotely interested in making clothes.

Fashion designers, either amateur or professional, can rely on this great tool to make their visions come to life.

Many entrepreneurs buy these to help them with their business – especially if theirs involve repairing fabric. It’s also quite a good hobby for kids, for it allows them to work with their hands and channel their artistic energy into something creative and functional.

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Skye Footwear: Lighter than the Wind

We know the trouble you have when you are going for a hike, running or are at a party. You buy a different pair of footwear for all different occasions. Does it seem unnecessary? Perhaps not because till now people thought that they can not use a single pair of shoe for every occasion. But guess what? SKYE Footwear has brought a solution to end your troubles; with stylish look and comfort. The shoes they offer are soft, warm, comfortable and durable. They do not need to be changed to go to a party after you just went for a run. But yeah, do not forget to use deodorant.

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Essential Advice for Purchasing the Perfect Pair of Sandals for Women

The right pair of sandals can complete an outfit’s visual appeal. Are the pairs you own working for your personal style? With so many styles on the market, there are many that will fit your needs, flatter your shape, and complement your chosen look. So how do you narrow down your options? In this article, we will share some essential advice when it comes to selecting and purchasing the perfect pair of sandals for women.

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Interview with Noneillah’s Celebrity Fashion Designer Naomi Johnson

For more than six years, designer Naomi Johnson has been quietly crafting bodycon leggings, bodysuits, sportswear, urban wear, jewelry, footwear and more which has been worn by different models from New York Fashion Week. There is no doubt that Naomi designs unbelievable and original styles that you cannot find in the stores. She has designed everything from feather trim dress to glamour’s gowns for the elegant women.

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Why wholesaling of shoes is a lucrative business

Wholesaling refers to selling of large quantities of items or merchandise to small-scale entrepreneurs, industrialists, commercial, professional dealers or other wholesalers and other related subordinated services.

Wholesale shoes marketing is a good business model and has some advantages most especially if you’re planning to invest in it. Apart from a diversity of the market, there are other associated benefits or advantages when you decide to take on this business model.

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Clog + Boot Care

clogs and boots

Whether you’re rocking Scandinavian-style clogs with funky, bright patterns, spending most of your working days in comfy work clogs, or striding down the street in boots with sturdy wooden soles, you’ll want to make sure your footwear is properly cared for. Wooden soles absorb moisture, which makes for happy, dry and comfortable feet. But the wooden soles definitely require special care.

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How to wear luxury without the high price …. Awesome Boutique with a Stellar Twist

Shop Her Box

When it comes to finding the right dress or outfit, there are so many places from which to choose. The great thing about being able to shop at different stores is getting to see the variety of brands, styles, materials and designs available.

It can become overwhelming trying to find the perfect dress for your special event or every-day wear because sometimes, you just don’t know where to start.

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Panythose vs Thigh Highs

This month, we have decided to have a look at the battle between pantyhose and thigh highs and why some people prefer one over the other. Here what we found…

How many women wear pantyhose vs how many women wear thigh highs is a difficult statistic to pin down, however, it is undeniable that women in the winter are far more likely to wear pantyhose purely because of the warmth aspect and that thigh highs are usually for a more specific taste and style.

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Wide Calf Boots to the Rescue

Every person is a different shape, a different size and has different preferences – this what makes us as a species so interesting and diverse. However, it would seem that the retailers who provide us with fashion clothes and shoes can sometimes be a bit a narrow in their production ideas. This seems insane in a society where there are so many lines of manufacturing and production continuously going on but still there doesn’t seem to be something for everyone!

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Walker & Wade: Colorful & Organically Sexy

I am beyond excited to tell you all about this new company my friend introduced me to, Walker & Wade by designer & artist Laurette Kittle.

I went to my best friends house for dinner, and we were talking about our upcoming trip to Vegas when she exclaimed “I have to show you what I just bought!!”. She comes out with the prettiest round beach towel and beach kaftan (the Goddess Kaftan) I have ever seen. To be honest, I had never actually seen a round beach towel, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. So unique, and the best part, you can actually wear it. The Goddess Kaftan is gorgeous & luxurious, she bought the Bohemian Rhapsody print (pictured below), and it looks stunning on her. In Vegas, you always seem to have to walk 3 miles to get to the pool area, then the 3 miles back to your room to change clothes. This “beach to table” wear is perfect, since you can wear it to the pool, and then to lunch or dinner without skipping a beat. To be honest, I would be comfortable wearing it anywhere, it is just that pretty.

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Modern and Classy for All Ages: Welcome to ‘A Postcard from Brighton’

If you are a fan of unique and qwerky fashion, then you won’t forget this British born fashion company. From floral prints to polka dot patterns, a Postcard from Brighton showcases it all. Inspired by the sun, sea and sand from Brighton, this company will meet all of your qwerky, hipster needs for this summer and every other season following.

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The Perfect Personalised Gift for Him

Hold Upon Heart leather

Finding a gift for an important male in your life is always hard. Whether it’s your dad, your brother, your son, your uncle, your boyfriend or your husband, we all know that it’s harder buying for a man than it is for a woman.

Generally, women are thrilled with anything smelly, candles, bath or shower products, good quality jewelry or something nice for the house. Men however, are far less generic in their gift preferences.

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Summer Must Haves!

It’s finally summer time! So you know what that means don’t you? That’s right you guessed it, it’s time to pack away all those woolly jumpers, winter boots and wellies because the sun is shining and it is definitely going to be a good summer this year!

However, the only way this could be true is if we are prepared for the summer of 2015 and the only way we can be prepared is if we know exactly what the summer must haves are for this year to ensure that we are cruising through this summer in style and class.

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Cheap Shoes for Women

Cheap Shoes for Women

It is no secret that women love shoes, and why not? They are basically jewelry for our feet, and we love jewelry! Even our most comfortable old runners play a part in our hearts. Our shoes are always there for us, they are always cute, even on a bad hair day, or during that time of the month. Great shoes can lift our spirits and make a seemingly dull outfit fabulous. The only draw back… they aren’t cheap. We have all had those moments where we fantasize about those gorgeous Alexander McQueen boots in the window of a high-end store. Wishing that one day those could be ours…

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