HeelCoin: It’s Like Bitcoin But For Shoes

Posted on October 3, 2015 at 4:49 pm by ShoePorn Staff

HeelCoin: It’s Like Bitcoin But For Shoes

Bitcoin is the digital currency that is changing the World of finance and reinventing commerce. There are an ever-growing assortment of digital coins for all types of interests and now a segment of the fashion industry is getting a coin of it’s own: HeelCoin.

HeelCoin is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the footwear industry. Similar in nature to Bitcoin, but completely separate, HeelCoin is designed to be the cryptocurrency for the multi-billion dollar footwear industry. There are many ways people can benefit from using a cryptocurrency dedicated to footwear. HeelCoin was created as a way to enable those benefits for anyone involved with footwear.

The footwear industry which is a market with massive reach. Capturing even a tiny percentage of transactions would create a multimillion dollar market valuation for the HeelCoin cryptocurrency. A recent market research report estimates the footwear market will reach a valuation of US$211.5 billion by the end of 2018. By transacting with only 0.5% of that market HeelCoin could achieve a market cap of over $1B.


HeelCoin is currently available for use and software for the cryptocurrency can be downloaded for free from the website. Aside from releasing the HeelCoin currency to the market, the HeelCoin development team has nurtured a loyal social following. The plans behind HeelCoin are to create some of the greatest resources for those who love shoes and money. Everyone is affected by footwear and it is an industry with global reach. HeelCoin and the services planned can help contribute to creating a better global footwear industry overall.

Shoes and the fashion industry in general are largely social. Shoe shoppers love to share their latest finds and shoe lovers enjoy sharing their collection. HeelCoin has tapped into the show social scene since the start. Rapidly expanding their social media presence, HeelCoin social activity can be found on Twitter as well as Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, select cryptocurrency communities and other social channels. The highly anticipated community for shoe fanatics Heel.Space (https://heel.space) will be launching in the weeks ahead.

HeelCoin has been designed from the beginning to bring benefits to those who interact with either the footwear industry or those who see value in cryptocurrency. The HeelCoin message is simple:

“If you love shoes and money, you will love Heel.Space and HeelCoin.”



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