Essential Advice for Purchasing the Perfect Pair of Sandals for Women

Posted on January 19, 2019 at 8:56 am by Kane

Essential Advice for Purchasing the Perfect Pair of Sandals for Women

The right pair of sandals can complete an outfit’s visual appeal. Are the pairs you own working for your personal style? With so many styles on the market, there are many that will fit your needs, flatter your shape, and complement your chosen look. So how do you narrow down your options? In this article, we will share some essential advice when it comes to selecting and purchasing the perfect pair of sandals for women.

Flip-Flops/Thong Sandals

These sandals are excellent choices for the casual setting, such as lounging or spending a day at the beach. They are available in a plethora of colors and patterns and are easy to remove as well as slip on your feet. Keep in mind, however, that these sandals are flat and do not offer much by way of support, which can become uncomfortable if you walk a lot while wearing them.


This style of sandal is open-toed, with an open back and a band that secures itself across the foot. They are easy to slip on your feet and can be found in a variety of styles, such as sporty, dressy, and casual.


Similar to the slip-on sandal style, sling-backs feature a band that wraps itself around the back of the foot. Flat slingback sandals are excellent for casual settings, although if you require something dressier high-heeled sandals are also available. If you’re interested in a good pair of sandals that mold for your feet for such occasions, check out these SOLE sandals.

Gladiator Sandals

Resembling the sandals worn by Roman gladiators of old, this is a style of sandal that features multiple straps. Gladiators that are low pair well with long skirts and jeans and high sandals complement shorts and dresses. This type of sandal isn’t for everyone, as they can give the illusion of a shorter leg as well as a wider foot.

Platform Sandals

These sandals are equipped with a thick sole that gives a dramatic appearance in addition to extra height. Platforms can be found with a heel made from a variety of materials, such as cork, wood, plastic, and rubber. The said heel can be found in a number of shapes, and you can also find variation in regards to strap styles and embellishments.


This form of sandal features a sole that is higher underneath the heel and becomes thinner as your eyes trace the shoe’s front. Wedges add an amount of height to your appearance and aid heavier ankles to seem slimmer. This sandal is quite versatile when it comes to style.

Water Sandals

If you are experienced with water sports, these sandals are just what you need. With a sole made nearly entirely of rubber, and the rest made of mesh, this shoe protects your feet during your time in the water.

Hiking Sandals

This style is equipped with straps and a cinch buckle for comfort and security. The sole is also rugged and much stiffer in order to provide protection for your feet while you are walking on outdoor terrain.

Fit Versus Fashion

When searching for sandals for purchase, it’s important that each pair fit your feet. Even the most fashionable pair will leave you hurting and miserable if they cause blisters.

Make sure that your feet do not hang off of any side of the sandal. In addition, the straps and sandals themselves should not pinch or rub your feet uncomfortably. If you plan to walk in your sandals a lot, select a flatter style with ample support for your arch. Sandals are great to wear during the warmer months, but be sure to select a style that matches your look while giving you comfort.


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