Interview with Noneillah’s Celebrity Fashion Designer Naomi Johnson

Posted on July 13, 2018 at 11:25 am by ShoePorn Staff

Interview with Noneillah’s Celebrity Fashion Designer Naomi Johnson

For more than six years, designer Naomi Johnson has been quietly crafting bodycon leggings, bodysuits, sportswear, urban wear, jewelry, footwear and more which has been worn by different models from New York Fashion Week. There is no doubt that Naomi designs unbelievable and original styles that you cannot find in the stores. She has designed everything from feather trim dress to glamour’s gowns for the elegant women.

In the last two years, Naomi started to design men wear, textile designs on all kind of products that you can purchase at Noneillah Closet.

We ask Naomi to tell us how she got started in the fashion industry.

I got into fashion after, I was in a tragic car accident when the Bloomfield NJ police officer was chasing a stolen car that made me become disable. Along with losing my job, so I wanted to keep my mind occupied. I started to put my artwork on clothes. I recall when I was in ninth grade I took an interest in the fashion industry. I also began to draw clothes that I never will see in the store. From that point on I wanted to start to design my clothes. I always had an eye for fashion growing up, even though my mother never brought me any fashionable garments.

I grew up drawing and create unique clothes for my dolls. A lot of clothes I made for my doll babies was showy.

A few years ago, I got seriously involved with the fashion industry when my son was tragically killed by a reckless Coach USA bus driver operating an NJ Transit bus. I started to showcase in New York Fashion Week to raise awareness and to shine the light on how these bus drivers are killing innocent people becoming an epidemic. Along with the corruption with sweeping the death of innocent people under the rug by the Essex County Prosecutor Vehicular Homicide and the bus company. I just started to create a political fashion collection with articles of all lives killed in vain by a bus driver.

Designer Bio

Naomi Johnson


Activist, Self-Published Author, Poet, Visual Artist and former Teacher who works now professionally as a fashion designer. Her eponymous fashion line specializes in leggings, bodysuits, dresses, music notes textile designs, rompers, denim, and footwear.

Before Fame

She launched her fashion line in 2014. Her designs were featured at New York Fashion Week in 2014 and Various other Fashion Show in 2015 and 2017.


She revealed in 2011 that she would launch her artwork and release her book called Soulality Fruit for Your Soul and Soulality Love Emotion 2012.

Family Life

She has a son named Deshon Johnson aka Sean Cos Mason, who was a well-known music artist. Naomi son was tragically murdered by Coach USA dangerous Haitian bus driver Wilson Romaine who was operating NJ Transit bus. Sean was her only son, and they were one soul/spirit.

Associated With

She has dressed supermodels/actor such as Gio and cover model Najeysha King.

Models: Keanna Bryant and Marie Shayne Lao 
Photographer: Mr. Don Pittman


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