Panythose vs Thigh Highs

Posted on July 30, 2015 at 9:49 am by ShoePorn Staff

Panythose vs Thigh Highs

This month, we have decided to have a look at the battle between pantyhose and thigh highs and why some people prefer one over the other. Here what we found…

How many women wear pantyhose vs how many women wear thigh highs is a difficult statistic to pin down, however, it is undeniable that women in the winter are far more likely to wear pantyhose purely because of the warmth aspect and that thigh highs are usually for a more specific taste and style.

However, Thigh high’s popularity seems to be more consistent and all year round which implies that thigh highs are a summer preference. Fiore Direct USA’s Pantyhose ( and Thigh High ( collections are superb for comparing.

It is undeniable that women have preferences when it comes to pantyhose or thigh highs and it is interesting to hear the reasons why. One reason for one preference over the other, comes down to what occasion people are looking to wear them for and how often they attend these occasions or partake in such activities.

For example, in the office, many people will prefer to wear pantyhose over thigh highs, whereas a woman may choose thigh highs as her favourite for a night out at a bar as they are not quite as hot as pantyhose. In the middle of winter, pantyhose will usually be favoured and in the summer, more likely thigh highs.

So, although we think both pantyhose and thigh highs are brilliant, we sat down and thought about the pros and cons of both pantyhose and thigh highs and drew up the reasons as to why some people would prefer one over the other:

Pros of Pantyhose

Cons of Pantyhose

Pros of Thigh Highs

Cons of Thigh Highs

Which do you prefer and why?


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