Spray Paint Your Casual Shoes

Posted on March 12, 2017 at 10:51 am by ShoePorn Staff

Spray Paint Your Casual Shoes

Spray paint was invented way back in 1949 and has become the easiest method of painting for anything you want to paint. Over the years, spray paint went from being limited for use on materials to being formulated to spray paint fabrics, metal, wood, leather, and more.

Today, people are spray painting their clothing like t-shirts and jeans as well as their shoes. Athletic shoes and casual canvas shoes are the most commonly types of shoes people use their Simply Spray Fabric Paint to create their own personal style or to renew a pair of old shoes.

Just a few years ago, you would probably just toss away an older pair of tennis shoes. Today, you can easily and quickly salvage them with Simply Spray Fabric Spray Dye. You can turn your shoes into a whole new pair of shoes using whatever color you want within the wide range of tones available. You can also use stencils to create a design, or dab colors to create that popular galaxy look on your shoes.

Here are a couple of examples from the web that bloggers shared after using fabric dye to create their own new canvas material shoes.

Canvas Casual Shoes Transformation

Here is how this pair of old canvas shoes looked before Simply Spray. Notice the frayed edges that need to be trimmed and how dull the shoes look here.

This next image is during the process of spray painting using gray Simply Spray Fabric Paint. Notice the sole of the shoe is taped to avoid getting paint on them. You also need to tape or somehow cover the inside of the shoe to keep overspray from painting the inside. Just remember to tape or cover the areas where you don’t want a color of paint on your shoes.

In this particular case, the blogger chose to stencil over the gray to create a design on her shoes. You can see where she taped everywhere she could to prevent overspray where she didn’t want it. Therefore, only the open areas of the lace pattern will show the design. The lace pieces are laid across the front of the shoes.

This picture is of the shoes after Simply Spray is used over the original gray coverage.

Finally, this picture is the finished product. I think they look fine, but another coat or two would have brought out the design and brightened the shoes more in my opinion. Make sure to get the desired effect before you remove your tape and stencil if you’re stenciling.

You don’t have to use a stencil to make your canvas shoes look new again. You can choose a bright color like pink, purple, red, blue, or any of the others available from Simply Spray.

The characteristics that make Simply Spray Fabric Paint a good choice include:


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