Why wholesaling of shoes is a lucrative business

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 8:20 am by ShoePorn Staff

Why wholesaling of shoes is a lucrative business

Wholesaling refers to selling of large quantities of items or merchandise to small-scale entrepreneurs, industrialists, commercial, professional dealers or other wholesalers and other related subordinated services.

Wholesale shoes marketing is a good business model and has some advantages most especially if you’re planning to invest in it. Apart from a diversity of the market, there are other associated benefits or advantages when you decide to take on this business model.

Buying and selling in bulk

You have the opportunity of dealing directly with the manufacturer. Just because you’re buying in bulk, the average cost for each item sold to you by the manufacturer will be slightly lower as compared to when you would be buying in small quantities with a chain of middlemen. Practically this will increase your profit margin as a business entrepreneur because of the fact that you’re in a position to determine your own prices on the market.

Access to different brands

Wholesale marketing will introduce to you different manufacturers thereby building a network of suppliers from whom you purchase your items. This way you will be able to determine which brands are liked most and can fetch you maximum profits.

Some manufacturers will be able to give you items at exclusive discounted prices and perhaps this alone will create an everlasting relationship with such manufacturers.

Creation of your own brand

You’ll, by all means, have the chance to rebrand your wholesaling business under the authentication of the manufacturer. This is an understanding between you and the manufacturer. Of course, this is very common with big chain stores, and it establishes you as an authority on the market with your own brand.

Becoming an authority in the industry

Because you deal with the manufacturer directly, you will establish yourself as a dependable knowledge base on behalf of the manufacturer.

People will trust you more, and you’ll know the details of the supply chains, for instance, which manufacturer has the best brand, which one sells at a lower price or even which brands are suitable for particular seasons.

Last but not least is the possibility of becoming a manufacturer yourself. This cannot be stressed enough, but the chances are that after gaining credibility and you have developed your own brand, you can decide to become a manufacture yourself some day since you have already established loyalty with other business partners in the industry.

Wrapping it up-Final thought

Well, the business model of wholesale shoes is quite engaging and requires some bit of commitment because you have to be directly involved to know the latest and most sought after designs but once handled properly, it’s a good business model


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