The Perfect Personalised Gift for Him

Posted on June 28, 2015 at 9:56 am by ShoePorn Staff

The Perfect Personalised Gift for Him

Finding a gift for an important male in your life is always hard. Whether it’s your dad, your brother, your son, your uncle, your boyfriend or your husband, we all know that it’s harder buying for a man than it is for a woman.

Generally, women are thrilled with anything smelly, candles, bath or shower products, good quality jewelry or something nice for the house. Men however, are far less generic in their gift preferences.

As always, giving someone something that they really want is always better for both men and women, but sometimes, when there is nothing a particular individual has shown an interest in, this isn’t always possible. However, one way to still make someone feel special is through a personalised gift such as a mug with a photo on or a piece of jewelry with their name on. Again, these sorts of gifts are generally much easier to give to women than to men.

Fortunately, due to the increased popularity in men’s jewelry, the opportunity to find a personalised gift for an important man in your life has never been easier. There has been a significant rise in the sales of men’s earrings, bracelets and necklaces over the past couple of years and these figures appearing to just be going up.

Whilst on the hunt for something for my husband for father’s day (our little boy is too young to buy anything himself) I decided to get him something personal and that would remind him of his fatherhood everyday (not that our 3 year old lets him forget his daddy responsibility for a second) and feel proud of it.

On this quest of mine, I came across a wonderful range of personalised leather goods on a site called Hold Upon Heart. They stock a variety of these personalised leather gifts from bracelets to key rings all with something to remind them of their child. The idea is that you send in a drawing of your child or request a print kid for a fingerprint or hand or footprint, then you send back to them and then they size it down and put the print on one of these items.


These items are an absolutely perfect, personalised and sentimental gift that will be treasured for years and years. Made with fantastic quality leather, they are durable and hard wearing. I personally went for one of the bracelets with two of my son’s footprints on it and it looks amazing.

I’m so pleased that male jewelry is getting its popularity back because it does make buying gifts much easier! If you struggle the same way I do, check out this website and see if anything takes your fancy. They also do cufflinks, which are pretty cool, and no man can deny a good pair off cufflinks even if other jewelry and accessories isn’t really their thing.


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