The Different Types of Sewing Machines

Posted on October 6, 2019 at 8:55 am by ShoePorn Staff

The Different Types of Sewing Machines

A sewing machine is a great investment for anyone who is even remotely interested in making clothes.

Fashion designers, either amateur or professional, can rely on this great tool to make their visions come to life.

Many entrepreneurs buy these to help them with their business – especially if theirs involve repairing fabric. It’s also quite a good hobby for kids, for it allows them to work with their hands and channel their artistic energy into something creative and functional.

However, there are many different kinds of sewing machines, and it can be difficult for a first timer to pick just the right one. So in order to clear things out, we’re listing down some of the most common types of sewing machines that you’ll probably encounter when you head out to buy one. Make sure to pick whichever you feel is most suitable to your needs.

Mechanical Sewing Machines

Let’s start with the most basic kind of sewing machine. Mechanical units aren’t powered by electricity, therefore they have fewer features. But they can certainly get the job done. This was the first kind of sewing machine to be created, and so people have been relying on this handy device for years.

Manufacturers rarely produce these nowadays, but you’ll still find vintage models around. Using this type is also good exercise because they require pedaling.

The main advantage is that these are more durable than the other kinds. Best used with light to medium-weight materials.

Although this seems a disadvantage, lots of sewers often choose this machine type because of its durability – they’re almost always made exclusively of metal. 

These traditional machines are great for basic projects & although they can sew most materials, they’re generally better suited to light-to-medium-weight materials.

Electronic Sewing Machines 

Electronic sewing machines use a single motor to power the needle. It’s easier to use, if that’s what you’re after, since all you have to do is control the speed of the machine by putting some pressure on the electronic foot pedal. You can use both hands to freely guide the fabric through the machine!

This type is arguably the most common one nowadays, and they offer a variety of options such as speed settings. They are versatile, as they can be used for nearly any type of fabric.

Computerized Sewing Machines 

These digital machines operate with an LED or LCD display, or a large touch screen. This enables more control over the model’s functions and capabilities. Instead of using dials or buttons, you use digital commands. Some even have USB ports available, allowing you to create your own designs and patterns on a computer while linking it to the machine. It’s perfect for the modern day user who’s accustomed to smart phone and other similar devices.

Now take note that there are still several sub-types under these machines. There are many great sewing machines for beginners – check out our list of recommendations by clicking here.

There are also great sewing machines for kids, perfect for getting them into a fun and interesting hobby.

At the end of the day, it’s all just a matter of finding which machine suits you best.


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