70’s inspired jewellery

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 7:51 am by ShoePorn Staff

70’s inspired jewellery

Every fashionista everywhere is obsessed with the new 70’s craze, and is making a serious comeback. Everyone truly loves the platform shoes, cropped tops, vibrant floral prints and of course, some beautiful 70’s inspired jewellery.

When most people think of 70’s fashion, rainbow bracelets with peace signs and flared jeans instantly spring to mind. However the new trend is coming back but with a twist. The beauty of this new trend is that any piece of 70’s inspired will definitely not be going out of fashion any time soon, and will last you a lifetime. Even better still, your mum or grandma may already have some killer pieces that you can steal!

However, if you are completely lost on how to do 70’s couture in a new and trendy way, then you are in the right place, as I will show you how you can turn this retro look into something that is modern, classy and will last you a lifetime.

Pendant necklaces were a hit throughout the 70’s era therefore we cannot do 70’s fashion without some classic pendants that are perfect to add the finishing touches to your casual outfits. The beautiful Double Leaf Pendant by Emmi Boutique perfectly captures the qwerky essence of 70’s fashion with its mix of metals. This necklace showcases how you can wear gold and silver jewellery at the same time, without it clashing and looking tacky.

QUICK TIP: Pair this with a simple plain t-shirt to make your simple outfit pop and stand out from the crowd.

Jewelry 1

Match this great pendant necklace with Emmi’s Gold Leaf Bracelet (that also comes in silver) to add an extra edge to your outfit and bring your whole look together!

Jewelry 2

However, if you are looking for something that’s less nature inspired then take a look at some of the other great bracelet options that Emmi Boutique. These Arrow and Infinity bracelets are a simple yet sophisticated way to bring your 70’s outfit together. The Rose Gold Infinity Bracelet has got to be one of my favourite pieces from Emmi’s collection as it is perfect to carry you from day to night with its subtle sparkle finish.

Jewelry 3

The products above are all made with such great quality, that they will definitely last throughout this current trend and later, when you may want to pass them on to your daughters. Each gold piece in Emmi’s collection is 18ct gold plated and each silver piece is made from the best sterling silver on the market. Another massive plus is that each piece of jewellery is handmade at an affordable price!

If you are a lover of affordable fashion that will last then you can be sure that Emmi Boutique is the right place for you to shop, check out their website for more collections that are great for any occasion.


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