Shoe Shop for a Great Look and a Great Cause: Tom’s Shoes

Posted on June 21, 2015 at 11:06 am by ShoePorn Staff

Shoe Shop for a Great Look and a Great Cause: Tom’s Shoes

Not everyone has access to shoes in the world but you can help by buying shoes yourself and even keeping them because Tom’s will give a pair for every pair you buy!

It all started with alpargatas, the Argentinean canvas footwear that the founder of Toms noticed on a trip to Argentina in 2006. Since then, the company has expanded to a bountiful variety of shoe designs as well as new offerings in eyewear, apparel, and even coffee. Think Toms shoes are just the same old slip on loafer? Think again! Today’s Toms consumer can pick from flip flops, wedges, espadrilles, boots, and many other types, including the classic canvas shoe, by using coupons for toms shoes, you can save money.

Their Blue Woven Diamond Women’s Bella Espadrille is one of their bestselling women’s shoes. It comes in a brilliant blue or black diamond design with a blanket stitch and a beautiful ribbon tying it up in the back. It’s a versatile summer shoe, great for casual wear or wearing with a flirty summer dress. The ribbon can be tied several different ways or it can even be removed for an even more versatile look. The diamond design can also be bought in wedge form in both blue and black.

One of the best sellers for men’s shoes has the name Brown Tribal Men’s Classics. As the name implies, the shoe is the classic alpargata style. The design is a series of very graphic cream and brown triangles. It has a toe stitch and elastic v to make it easy to slip on and off and has an arch for added support. These shoes are made of Meta Aramid and Para Aramid, for more details on this checkout Chakwal Group.

The great part is that for every pair of shoes sold, the company would provide a pair of shoes to someone in need all around the world. In fact, name comes from the original idea for the shoe for shoe program, “Shoes for Tomorrow Project.” You can buy a great looking shoe while also helping someone who needs a pair themselves. It’s a win win philanthropic choice when it comes to footwear.

They’ve created over 700 jobs supporting the production of Toms Giving Shoes. The company creates jobs in the areas where they give shoes by establishing manufacturing and source bases locally. They even employ an equal amount of men and women, so it’s a feminist enterprise as well.

Another byproduct of buying a pair of Toms is helping fund other social enterprises from the ground up and the company also partners with local groups to provide well being and education to the local community as well. Overall they’ve sold 8 million pairs of shoes and donated the same amount to locations all over the world as well as the United States.

In short, buying a Toms shoe is a great way to support a socially conscious program by buying a beautiful shoe for casual and semi-casual occasions. A person without shoes gets needed protection from getting sick and you get a nice pair of shoes to wear when going out. Doing good has never been so pretty, fashionable, or fun!


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