Modern and Classy for All Ages: Welcome to ‘A Postcard from Brighton’

Posted on June 29, 2015 at 8:08 am by ShoePorn Staff

Modern and Classy for All Ages: Welcome to ‘A Postcard from Brighton’

If you are a fan of unique and qwerky fashion, then you won’t forget this British born fashion company. From floral prints to polka dot patterns, a Postcard from Brighton showcases it all. Inspired by the sun, sea and sand from Brighton, this company will meet all of your qwerky, hipster needs for this summer and every other season following.

This young brand only burst onto the fashion scene four years ago, and is proving to be a massive success by selling their products across a variety of different retailers such as La Vida boutique. Lainey and Mark, who are the founders of the brand, said that they did not create this brand targeting just one age group in particular. This is evident in the products they offer, being modern yet classy, which women of all ages can wear and feel fashionable in.

Lainey describes Postcard’s brand as being 24-hour fashion, which can be worn from day to night, by a simple change of shoes or jewellery. This perfect summertime dress can be worn with a simple pair of sandals and some big sunglasses to carry you through your shopping days, and just by adding a pair of heels, the dress becomes the perfect outfit for a night out for anyone of any age. It is a great dress for any student on a budget, or for anyone looking for some affordable summer wear for their holiday.

This popular brand is definitely giving every other brand a run for their money with their signature collections, full of lose fitting jersey swing tops, tube maxi dresses and skirts, lace tops and vests. This brand is great and affordable for anyone to keep up on the latest trends with their everyday fashion that’s elegant yet comfy. With its wide variety of colours, style, patterns and materials you will be sure to fall in love with this brand if you haven’t already done so.

With all of their clothing being designed and manufactured in the UK, you can be sure that this brand is very trustworthy and all of their clothing holds extreme quality from being made from manmade materials in Manchester and Leicester. This brand is true to its Great British roots by offering something for the real woman, whether she is from the younger generation or the older generation who is young at heart.

The real woman can wear this unique brand with confidence, knowing that she will be right on trend with A Postcard from Brighton’s spring/summer 2015 range. You can view the full range from La Vida Boutique here: https:/ /


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